Personal Growth

Freedom and Boundaries

Freedom and Boundaries Freedom From – Choosing to remain within the boundaries that provide protection and security Freedom To – Deciding to cross the boundaries that stand between us and what we want The Challenge – Discovering your comfort zone #leadership #selfdevelopment #boundaries #itstartswithyou

Organizational Health 101

Organizational Health 101 Organizational Health is the catalyst that fuels, or the lid that inhibits, the success or failure of organizations, teams, and people Organizational Health is the result of sequential, systemic, and sustainable practices that are understood and implemented by everyone within the organization Organizational Health and Leadership are intertwined and interdependent Organizational Health …

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Reality, Mine, Yours, or Ours

Reality, Mine, Yours, or Ours What Reality is and What we think it is don’t always align Misperceptions, accepted as truth, are responsible for more errors in understanding than facts or logic Seek to understand everything, including yourself #selfleadership #consciousleadership #crisisleadership #organizationalhealth #itstartswithyou

Understanding People Starts with Understanding Ourselves Our perceptions protect our beliefs Our perceptions obscure reality We see people and things as we are, not as they are. Understanding them begins with understanding ourselves. #crisisleadership #courageousleadership #emotionalintelligence #organizationalhealth #itstartswithyou