Look Within or Go Without

We look outwardly for the answers to what we believe to be our most important questions, trying to find someone or something that will provide them.
The truth is the answers we seek are already within us and being nurtured by our values, beliefs and experiences.

Choices and Focus

Our choices determine where we will go, who we will become, and how we will be remembered.

Where we focus, what we value, what we love and what we fear will determine what those choices are. 

Connections and Choices

Roads connect us from where we are to the places we want to be.
Our choices are the connection between our dreams and what we achieve.

With Them or To Them

Improvement plans that focus on doing things to people are never as effective as those that do things with people.

Real Change is created by building connections with people.

Perception and Reality

What if the problem with the problem is the way we perceive the problem?

We believe we see things as they are but we really see things as we are.

Words and Actions

Our words are not the best way to communicate our values and beliefs.

Who we really are and what we hold to be true are best defined by our how we live.